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About our firm

Founded on the principles of excellent client service, compassion, and leading-edge knowledge of the law, the firm of Buhl, Little, Lynwood & Harris, PLC, strives to set itself apart. Our six lawyers bring more than 80 years of combined legal practice to our core areas of estate and succession planning, elder law and long-term care planning (including Medicaid planning, and Aid and Attendance), special needs trusts, probate, trust and estate administration, guardianships and conservatorships, and contested estate matters.

Estate Planning Services

Our estate planning services help clients develop the plan that is right for them and their family. We listen to our clients and take time to explain and explore options that will provide the best outcome for them, their families and, when necessary, the succession of their family business. Sometimes this process is straightforward; on other occasions, the circumstances may involve more complicated issues. In every case, we recognize that the outcome is of utmost importance to our clients and, ultimately, their intended beneficiaries. We are committed to crafting and achieving the client’s goals, and we are proud that, in some cases, we have provided planning services to multiple generations of our clients’ families.

Some of our clients have family members who are disabled, and this presents a unique challenge in the planning process. Clients often do not want to eliminate the disabled person as a beneficiary, but they also do not want the beneficiary to lose disability benefits due to an inheritance. As part of the planning process, we create special needs trusts to protect the disabled beneficiary and ensure any inheritance received from the client is available to supplement, rather than replace, the governmental benefits the beneficiary may already be receiving.

Florida Estate Planning & Administration

Two of our attorneys, Katie Lynwood and Raymond A. Harris, are also licensed in Florida so that we can serve the needs of our clients who spend time in Florida.

Long-term care planning

The long-term care planning process may be new to our clients, but it is not new to us. Our practice focuses on the person, not just the finances. We listen to the needs of our clients and their family members, who are often in a state of crisis. In addition to a sophisticated understanding of the complex factors of long-term care planning, we provide reassurance, understanding, and patience in a time of need. We minimize the fear by educating the client and the client’s family during this difficult time. Although we cannot ease the pain of seeing a loved one in a critical health situation, we can give people concrete advice and counsel.

Probate and trust administration

Our post-death probate and trust administration services help clients navigate the most difficult time of their lives. We recognize that the death of a family member can bring overwhelming grief, confusion, despair, and even a sense of paralysis. While we cannot take away the sense of pain and loss, we work hard to give clients a clear understanding of the administration process and the peace of mind that this process is under control. We are always available to counsel, but we are also there to listen.

Our goal is to develop a relationship with each of our clients based on our core principles of integrity, trust, respect, and care.