Property Tax Relief


There are multiple property tax relief programs for homeowners facing difficult times. If your income is less than $50,000 and the value of your homestead does not exceed $135,000, you can receive a property tax credit on your annual taxes. The form is available here.

Additionally, there is a hardship waiver, commonly known as the “poverty exemption,” for individuals with income at or below the federal poverty levels and can provide full or partial exemption of property tax.  Applications are found at your local assessor’s office and the waiver is determined every spring at the annual board of review.  The hardship waiver must then be reapplied for every year.

Disabled veterans (or their un-remarried surviving spouse) may receive a property tax exemption.  To qualify, the veteran must meet one of these tests:

  • 100% disabled as determined by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs;
  • The veteran has a certificate from the US Veteran’s Administration certifying he or she is receiving pecuniary assistance to a disability for specially adapted housing; or
  • Has been rated by the US Veteran’s Administration as individually unemployable.

The disabled veteran’s exemption must be recertified annually.

Finally, a house owned by an irrevocable trust for the sole benefit of a disabled individual is entitled to receive the homestead property exemption pursuant to MCL 211.7dd(vii).